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Goodfellas was established in 1996 by Luigi Silletta. Over the years it has expanded to include two stores and offer everything a refined smoker requires. In an era where companies cut back service and businesses expect the customer to bear the brunt of the weight of the service provided, Goodfellas strives to do the opposite. When you need expert first hand opinions and experience, we're ready for you. We're here to help you find what meets your needs best and surpass your expectations with exceptional product knowledge and investment in the culture of fine smoking. We're passionate about cigars and pipes and all the various forms of tobacco, and the experience you'll have at Goodfellas reflects that.

This is a tobacconist where the salesmen happily sample the products to better find what matches your particular tastes. We're sure to never try to upsell you to a product that won't be right for you. We enjoy what we do, and the only thing we impose is our love for all things tobacco.

Goodfellas has been the choice of savy locals and visitors alike for 20 years.

Here's just a few feathers in our caps.
-Habanos Specialist
-Davidoff Authorized Retailer
-Dunhill Authorized Retailer
-Victoria's Largest Pipe & Pipe Tobacco Selection
-Victoria's Largest Zippo Collection
-Victoria's Largest Xikar Collection
-Victoria's Largest Lampe Berger Collection
-Victoria's Largest Snus and Snuff Selection

  The Goodfellas Team
With the Company Since 2013 Former poprietor of his own tobacconist in a past life, and friend of the owner, Don works a couple shifts a week to connect with his love for tobacco. His preferred method is pipe, but he enjoys fine cigars as well when he can find the time.
Founded the Company in 1996 Frequently popping in and out of the store, Luigi is the quiet hand that makes sure the best of the best is being served at Goodfellas, and that our customers go away happy. He also spearheads the many events Goodfellas hosts throughout the year to bring together tobacco lovers of all stripes.
With the Company since 2008 Always working hard to find the next great cigar that Goodfellas needs to carry, or suggesting something that will meet your tastes exceptionally. His mission is to ensure that Goodfellas is the only destination for a tobacconist you ever need to visit in the city of Victoria.
With the Company since 2008 If you're talking quality cigars, Rael has most likely smoked it. An avid cigar connoiseur since before he came to Goodfellas, he can be trusted to give you an honest opinion of what's smoking good and what's not worth your time. Not biased towards any region, you might catch him with a Joya de Nicaragua today and a Partagas Series P No.2 tomorrow. As long as it smokes up to snuff.
With the Company since 2016 Our youngest staff member, but not our least knowledgeable. Just cresting 20 but he weilds a knowledge of cigars most lifelong smokers may envy. A truly passionate young connoiseur, Cody usually has some first hand experience with any cigar you throw at him. Nicknamed el Chapo by Hamlet Paredes himself.
With the Company since 2016 A pipe lover at heart, he enjoys experimenting with blending his own pipe blends and questing for a more complex and enjoyable smoking experience. Adam is always happy to share his latest nugget of wisdom on the vast tobacco world.