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Goodfellas Pipe Tobacco

Please be aware our Pipe Tobacco availability varies between our 2 locations. Most of our House Tobaccos are available at both shops. However, we have a larger tin selection at our Store St. location downtown. To check beforehand or request a transfer please call:


Pipe Tobacco List:

  Goodfellas House Aromatic Tobacco Blends

Black & Tan – This tobacco was based on a popular Danish formula which utilized Virginia and Green River Black Cavendish to spectacular effect.  The room note produced by this blend is redolent with the scent of hickory and vanilla; something which all those around the smoker will find pleasing.  This mild and mellow mixture has been a favoured smoke for generations of pipe enthusiasts.


Chambord - This is an elegant aromatic with the fragrance and flavor of the liquor which shares its name.  The tobacco is soft, light bodied, and subtly flavored.  It is a mixture of Virginia and black cavendish tobaccos and remains delicious to the last puff.

Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb – Cherry Bomb is a balanced blend of lemon Virginias and Black Cavendish.  This blend is made up of 3 different types of Cherry infused tobaccos that will fill the smoker’s surroundings with the delicious aroma of cherries.

Columbian Mocha – This is a smooth mixture of Black Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos; tastes and smells of dark chocolate and mellow Columbian coffee beans.

Midnight Run

Midnight Run - Midnight Run is a Sweet and cool-burning black cavendish.  Burns remarkably cool and soft for an aromatic tobacco; leaves behind a dry grey ash.

Old Fashioned - A classic Danish Cavendish blend made from the finest Virginia & mild Burley tobaccos from Africa, the Orient & U.S. regions. The smooth aroma & flavour of Scotch whiskey brings you an almost unforgettable smoking pleasure.

Peaches & Cream -An aromatic blend of Black & Tan Cavendish that is heavily cased with peaches & coconut cream. It is a mild & sweet mixture with a very pleasing room note. 

Rum Runner – An air-cured aromatic blend of Virginia & Cavendish that is flavoured with a buttered rum. Smokes mild and sweet with hints of vanilla and a great room note with a wide appeal.

Saturday Night – Saturday Night tastes and smells of chocolate, coconut, and vanilla.  An excellent tobacco for the smoker who prefers classic American Cavendish blends like Captain Black.

Sunday Morning – This tobacco is a crossover blend between English and aromatic style pipe tobaccos.  Sunday Morning contains a small portion of Cyprian Latakia which is balanced out with a significant amount of lightly aromatic tobaccos.

Tubman - A traditional all-burley blend.  Tubman smokes soft and bite-free and is a great choice for the smoker who favours classic American burley blends such as Prince Albert or Carter Hall.

Wise Guy – Wise Guy is Goodfellas’ best-selling aromatic blend.  This tobacco is mild and mellow in both flavour and aroma; it burns to a dry ash and does not tend to ‘ghost’ a pipe with its flavour as some aromatic tobaccos are known to do.

  Goodfellas House English & Oriental Tobacco Blends
The Balkan

The Balkan - This tobacco is a perfect example of the classic Balkan-style blend.  The Balkan is richly spiced with oriental tobaccos and produces a spicy and exotic fragrance when smoked.  This blend is seasoned with just the right amount of Latakia to insure a soft burn and mellow flavour.

Goodfellas D-965 -This blend is based on the Dunhill classic My Mixture 965. The mixture is composed of Latakia, Virginia, Macedonian & naturally sweet Cavendish tobaccos. Goodfellas D-965 provides a strong, smooth, & mellow smoke which can be enjoyed throughout the day.
Made Man - This is a medium mixture made for everyday smoking. A generous helping of Latakia ensures that the smoker will enjoy a cool, smokey flavour. The smokiness is balanced by the sweetness of red and yellow Virginias and the spice of top grade Basma leaf from the Middle-East. A classic English mixture.
Pacific Winds - Enjoy this perfectly balanced English blend that captures the essence of pipe tobaccos from years gone by.  Flue-cured Virginias are enhanced with the blending of Turkish and Cyprian Latakia. The Latakia is present but not overwhelming with creamy & sweet accents.  Subtle, rich and complex in character.
  Goodfellas House Pure Virginia Tobacco Blends

Golden Virginia – This is a classic flue-cured Virginia tobacco in a fully rubbed-out form. It is ideal for blending with other tobaccos or as a mild, sweet smoke in its own right.

Luxury Flake – This is a classic Virginia flake tobacco.  The pressed flakes produce a sweet, slow-burning smoke with a subtle and fragrant room-note.

Sweet Sunny Virginia - A smooth, light to medium-bodied semi-fine cut Virginia mixture. The orange and yellow Virginia grades which make up the bulk of this mixture are mellow, smooth, and produce a wonderful room aroma. Notes of subtle sweetness and dried fruit aroma make for a great light pipe smoke or while rolling your own.
  Goodfellas House Blending Tobaccos
Latakia – This is a traditional Cyprian Latakia. It is ideal for blending with other tobaccos to add a smooth, smoky flavor and dramatic incense-like room note
Perique - A tobacco with a tradition as storied as that of Louisiana, it’s place of origin. Produced exclusively in St. James Parish, Perique is a powerful tasting tobacco used almost exclusively as a blending agent.  Fermented in barrels based off an Aboriginal process, it has a distinct fruity, peppery and musty aroma that can transform a blend, even in small doses.
4th Generation 1882 - Produced by Eric Stokkebye in Denmark. This classic style English blend features Latakia, sun cured Orientals, matured Virginia's and Kentucky Leaf. Medium bodied but incredibly smooth, enjoy the taste of smoky Latakia balanced with a subtle sweetness from the Virginias. An expertly balanced smoke.

4th Generation 1897 - Produced by Eric Stokkebye in Denmark. An excellent aromatic consiting of Black Cavendish, Burley and Virginia tobacco. Vanilla and Honey flavour are present but not overly so, and permeate not just the aroma but also the taste. Doesn't produce a bite as long as the smoke is not too rushed.

Amphora Original Blend - A burley centric aromatic blend with chocolate added. An old traditional Danish blend Amphora Original is rich with chocolately undertones of the finest burley tobaccos, balanced with Orientals, Kentucky, and Virginia leaf. Nutty, with a slight smokey character and a chocolatey main course.
amphora full aroma
Amphora Full Aroma - An aromatic blend of Virginia and Burley, with small amounts of Oriental tobaccos flavoured with Cherry, Chocolate, floral essences and hints of citrus. Originating from the Dutch it is now manufactured by Mac Baren. An interesting aromatic with a wide flavour profile to keep the pipe smoker interested.
Dunhill Early Morning - This blend consists of a mixture of sweet burning Oriental tobaccos and bright and red Virginia leaves. The mixture is then pressed and lightly heated. To further enhance the blend, a touch of medium-fired Latakia tobacco is added. It is ideal for the ‘first pipe’ arousing the palate for the further pleasures of the day. OUT OF STOCK
Dunhill My Mixture 965 - For the connoisseurs of full-bodied tobacco. Choicest small Latakia impart a rich nutty flavor and coolness. Macedonia Bright is added for sweetness. The Brown Cavendish completes the blend that all confirmed pipe smokers love.
Dunhill Durbar - A high portion of mature dark as well as yellow Virginias combined with Latakia and Oriental leaf. Wonderful balance, mild in flavour with floral and subtly smoky notes. The Oriental & Turkish flavours are in the forefront with the Latakia and Virginia supporting nicely in the background. Medium in strength and an excellent cool smoke.
Dunhill Royal Yacht -Truly a luxurious tobacco. Virginias are carefully conditioned to insure sweetness. They are added to rich, heavier and cooler Virginias. A unique flavor is added to the final blend to enhance the subtle and piquant aroma.
Dunhill Flake - A pure virginia flake that has pronounced earthy notes with underlying hints of citrus, nuttyness and cocoa. A very satisfying Virginia offerring that is representative of 'Sweet' virginias. A ton of natural flavour, deep, rich and satisfyingly smooth.

Erinmore Mixture - The characteristics of three different blends can be discerned in the final blend. The first contains orange and mahogany-coloured flue-cured tobaccos which are mixed with light aromatic Burley leaves. This first blend is probably treated separately from the later blends to enhance the natural sweetness of the tobaccos. The second blend is probably a mixture of dark brown tobaccos, which are cooked in steam-heated presses, turning the tobacco black. The final blend contains bright lemon leaves to smooth and lighten the overall character of the product.

Escudo Navy De Luxe - One of the most celebrated blends of the ages. Two types of Virginia tobaccos are combined with Perique as the backbone of this blend that is cut into coins before tinning. A smooth, sweet and tangy with a touch of pepper, Virginia Perique classic, Escudo has been heralded as the bench mark at which all other VaPer's are compared. Medium strength with excellent character. *Currently Back ordered

Mac Baren Golden Extra - A Ready-Rubbed tobacco made from carefully blended, cask mellowed Burley tobaccos with just a touch of golden virginia. A very pleasent near-straight tobacco flavour with some slightly sweet undertones and very subtle notes of chocolate. Burns smooth with no bite. Excellent choice for Burley lovers and as an all-day option. *We're happy to Special Order*
Mac Baren Virginia No.1 - It contains a selection of choice Virginia tobaccos that create a mild and sweet smoke. Fruity cherry notes combine with honey flavouring that envelope your palette. A light cake is present in this mild blend that has an excellent room note. Best if smoked slowly with care and packed loose to avoid unforgiving tongue bite. *We're happy to Special Order*

McClelland Virginia #22 - A balanced blend of Eastern and Middle Belt Virginias aged in cakes to develop their natural sweetness. A zesty tobacco with rich undertones, coarse enough to smoke on windy days outdoors yet easily rubbed out to suit any occasion.
**No longer produced. Unfortunately, McClelland closed up shop in 2018 and we are now sold out of this product.**

Brigham Anniversary King St. – Virginia, Kentucky and Cavendish tobaccos hand-blended with Latakia - a classic lightly spiced English mixture. Medium strength with the Virginia's and Latakia competing for dominance in the mixture. **Special Order**
Brigham Anniversary Ripley Ave. – Choice Brown and Black Cavendish with a sprinkling of Bright Virginias combine for a wonderfully aromatic Vanilla-Rum mixture. Not overly-cased, a palpable rum flavour is out front with vanilla undertones. Best to gently smoke this blend to maintain no tongue bite. **Special Order**
Peterson Balkan Delight - A traditional mixture comprising of the finest of Virginia tobaccos plus a hint of Louisiana Perique and a generous portion of Cyprus Latakia. Not a typical Balkan by any standard, especially with no Oriental tobacco involved, but it offers some great flavours, with the peppery Perique being most dominant accompanied by smoky notes from the Latakia and sweet undertones. All Peterson tobaccos are currently unavailabe in Canada. There is no ETA for their return.
Rattray Black Mallory - Dark and full-bodied.  This is an excellent all-day English mixture. Consisting of Black Cavendish, Latakia, Oriental and Virginia tobaccos. A refined English taste with rich flavour that includes nice smokiness, some sweet nuttiness and a touch of spice. A very pleasent cool smoke. BACK ORDERED
Rattray Malcolm Flake - It has been rumored that this is the same recipe as Erinmore Flake, though that is the subject of debate. Nonetheless, this Virginia, Burley and Fired Cured Kentucky blend definitely shares the citrus-y pineapple flavour lovers of Erinmore Flake covet. Medium in strength, the pineapple flavour is on the subtle side. BACK ORDERED
Rattray Marlin Flake - A Virginia and Perique blend of outstanding character with some Black Cavendish.  Dark, sweet taste and a mild room note make this a favorite among smokers of natural tobaccos. Nice big flavour envelopes your palette and offers lots for you to enjoy. Smokes easy and very cool.
Rattray Old Gowrie - An excellent demonstration of Virginia tobacco. Not as tangy as some Virginias it has notes fruity sweetness while preserving a savoury, and fragant character. Incredibly cool smoking, it can easily work as an all day smoke. Mild to medium in strength, smooth with a platitude of flavour. BACK ORDERED
Rattray Red Raparee - A charming, perfectly balanced dark mixture of Virginia tobaccos, Orientals, Black Cavendish and a luxurious quantity of Latakia. The ash is pale grey and similar to that of a good cigar. A wonderful, spicy mixture. BACK ORDERED
Robert McConnell Scottish Flake - Exclusive dark Virginia tobaccos and a spicy Kentucky with a touch of Perique pressed into a flake. This is a mild smooth smoking tobacco with an excellent bold flavour that features enjoyable spice and mild sweetness. It is cool smoking and wondefully complex. BACK ORDERED
Robert McConnell Scottish Cake - Enjoy this hand-rubbed out Flake that features Dark Virginias from East Carolina and the Middle Belt, as well as Kentucky Fire Cured and a touch of Perique. Wonderfully balanced between the different tobaccos, it is a cool and slow smoking blend for the most discerning of pipe smokers. BACK ORDERED

Robert McConnell Scottish Blend - One of the original blends from 1848. Mature red Virginia and Kentucky from North Carolina, Black Cavendish and Turkish are blended with Latakia to produce a blend which has given quiet satisfaction to smokers for over a century. Each component works together to create notes of smokiness, hay, leather and dried fruits. BACK ORDERED

Robert McConnell Original Oriental - One of the original blends from 1848. Selected small leaves from the hills of Macedonia and the Levant, along with Bright Leaf of Carolina and Red Old Belt of Virginia are rested for a week in order to merge the flavors. Then Carolina Black Cavendish is added for a final twist. A mix of spicy and sweet, with wondeful earthy and woody undertones that delight. A true demonstration of Oriental flavour. BACK ORDERED

Samuel Gawith Balkan Flake - A beautifully formed dark flake of pressed Virginias and a generous helping of Latakia. Relax and enjoy this medium strength tobacco with its "smokey" flavour and cool smoking, smooth characteristics. The heavy dose of Latakia is tapered with a sweetness in the background. A truly divine flavour: rich, creamy, spicy and just a touch sweet.

Samuel Gawith Best Brown Flake - Medium strength, gentle and slow burning tobacco. Manufactured using hand-stripped flue cured Virginias with no flavours added, Best Brown will reward with a cool, sweet smoke with a delectable aroma and good sidestream. Pure unalduterated tobacco flavour, that remains consistent and satisfying.
Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake – A pure pressed Virginia. Created in the heart of Lakeland, the hot-pressed blended Virginias take on a delicious and distinctive dark colour that creates a pipe smokers dream. Delivers a pure, slightly sweet earthy Virginia taste with a touch of pepper and spice. Considered one of the all time great tobaccos and is a "must have" for all Virginia lovers.
Samuel Gawith Grousemoor - This 200 year old blend is comprised of hand-stripped flue-cured Zimbabwe leaf, steamed to a Golden color then stoved into a unique melange of flavors. Initially it may come off as foreign and hard to digest but given time, this tobacco grows and then becomes loved by many a pipe smoker, with its distinct 'lemon-grass' aroma and flavour. It strikes a delicate balance of floral, fruity and herbal in each puff. An aromatic like no other.
Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader - Bright and Dark Virginias blended together with Latakia and Turkish leaf to make this a cool medium bodied smoke. Excellent delicate English blend: smokiness but not dominated by Latakia; mild Virginia sweetness but not sugary; good amounts of Oriental spice without acridness; a subtle floral aspect but not perfume-y in any way. A refined taste for those with the patience to discover the ebbs and flows and nuances of an expertly blended English variety.
Samuel Gawith St.James Flake - Perique from St James Parish and velvety Virginia leaves form this delicious spicy tobacco.  Medium strength.
Solani Aged Burley Flake – This is a traditional tobacco derived from a recipe more than 100 years old. It provides a rich, smooth taste to the smoker; slow and cool burning, this also delivers quite the kick. It is a great tobacco to smoke outside on a cold, snowy day but its strength makes it recommended for experienced pipe smokers only.
Solani English Luxury Mixture - Blend 779; a sophisticated English blend with an extraordinary mixture of red, ripe Virginia, fine oriental tobaccos and Syrian Latakia. This very mild blend will appeal to both Latakia lover and those who prefer a real, natural taste. Crimp cut.

Solani Green Label - Blend 127; broad bright and very ripe red Virginias and double fermented Black Cavendish produce a wonderful natural sweetness, while a touch of apple flavour gives this blend a fresh character. Wild cut.

Solani Red Label - Blend 131; a mild blend of superior Black Cavendish, Burley and old belt Virginias cased with the finest Scotch Whiskey. A pleasant all day smoke with a wonderfully sweet aroma
Solani Virginia Flake - Blend 663; a classic flake with selected bright Virginias sweetened with Louisiana Perique. This cool, slow burning blend has a natural sweetness and a wonderful room aroma. Flake cut.
Solani Sweet Mystery X - Blend 113; a pure Virginia blend with double fermented Black Cavendish a pinch of black current. This tobacco with Bacardi and coco cream added to achieve a sweet taste and wonderful room aroma. Mix of wild cut, cube and broken flake.
Solani Virginia Flake - Blend 663; a classic flake with selected bright Virginias sweetened with Louisiana Perique. This cool, slow burning blend has a natural sweetness and a wonderful room aroma. Flake cut.

Solani White and Black - Blend 763; a black English flake comprised of dark Virginia, Black Cavendish and Syrian Latakia. Ready rubbed.


Vincenzo Black - Smooth black cavendish blended with orange and bright Virginias. Flavours of vanilla and coffee provide a smooth and sweet smoke.
Vincenzo Sunset Breeze - Virginia tobacco and black cavendish blend. The flavour of berries permeates this blend and provides a fantastic room aroma.
Vincenzo Ag (Silver) - A blend of cavendish, Virginia, and Burley tobaccos cut in various widths to ensure an even burn. Medium-strength and scented with vanilla and almonds to provide a sweet taste and glorious room note.