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Goodfellas Traditional Snuff
Nasal Snuff

Nasal Snuff

Snuff is a powdered form of tobacco that is taken by sniffing it through the nose. A very traditional and early European way of enjoying tobacco. They can be a very fine powder or slightly chunkier and also either very dry or slightly moist. The tobacco leaves are ground from their original state and flavoured in various ways, quite often with different menthol varieties.

McChrystal's Original and Genuine (21 g)

Ground using only the finest tobacco available before being enhanced with a highly secret mentholated recipe with the addition of Eucalyptus that has remained un-changed for over 80 years. The Medium Grind and Moisture is enjoyable by the less experienced yet gives enough kick for an all-day snuff.

Medium/Fine Grind - Medium Moisture - Brown Colour


McChrystal's Apricot (21 g)

A fine non-mentholated aromatic snuff. Apricot is front and center here with a very pleasent aroma and sweetness. Great if you're looking for a break from the many menthol snuffs. Relatively mild in terms of nicotine content.

Fine Grind - Medium Moisture


McChrystal's Anisette (21 g)

A nice pure Anisette flavour with just a touch of menthol to round it out. Complimented by a sweet sugary smell. Perfect for lovers of licorice. A somewhat fine grind makes it more suited for more experienced snuffers. Medium level of nicotine.

Fine Grind - Light Moisture - Brown Colour


McChrystal's Clove (21 g)

A very spicy snuff that will cause some burn during use. Once used, the clove smell becomes front and center, much like clove cigarettes. Medium to high nicotine level. Non-mentholated.

Medium Grind - Medium Moisture


McChrystal's English Menthol (21 g)

The classic menthol flavor rises to the top without overwhelming in this popular medicated snuff. Very subtle citrus and tobacco scents emerge as the menthol fades. Medium nicotine content.

Fine Grind - Low Moisture - Brown Colour

McChrystal's Highland Ice (21 g)

McChrystals signature tobacco base, which is comparable to the Original and Genuine with a heavier dose of menthol, which has been balanced with the addition of Camphor and Eucalyptus oils, which takes the edge of the menthol sting whilst remaining a very refreshing flavoursome snuff.

Fine Grind - Medium Moisture - Brown Colour

McChrystal's Hops (21 g)

Similar to an SP style snuff, but with excellent hoppy citrus notes underlying it all to make for a great mixture. A very subtle skunky aroma (from the hops) is compliemented by semblances of a delicious citrus ale. Medium nicotine level.

Fine Grind - Low Moisture

McChrystal's Mild Lemon (21 g)

This snuff takes the subtle citrus flavour found in many others, and puts it in the forefront. This holds a pick me up attitude. Mild to medium nicotine content.

Fine Grind - Light Moisture

McChrystal's Super Mint (21 g)

A heavy dose of monit flavour and scent carries this snuff until subtle tobacco notes come through. More of a natural mint flavour than a menthol flavour. Medium nicotine level. Easy to use.

Fine Grind - Medium Moisture - Brown Colour

McChrystal's Raspberry (21 g)

As the name implies, raspberry is center stage in this mix. Not artificial tasting, with very little mentholated, you can enjoy the sweet natural flavour of raspberry without much complication. Medium nicotine.

Fine Grind - Low Moisture



McChrystal's SP (21 g)

McChrystals signature tobacco base, which has been enhanced with a discreet Bergamot flavouring for a true classic English SP. The McChrystals SP is not ideal for the amateur snuff user but makes an ideal entry SP for the moderate user wishing to move away from heavy scented snuffs

Medium/Fine Grind - Medium/Dry Moisture - Golden Brown Colour

Samuel Gawith Apricot (25g)

A nice Apricot flavour and scent is complimented by subtle notes of menthol. Great for beginners with low nicotine content and lower burn. Many a snuffers favourite.

Fine Grind - Medium Moisture - Brown Colour


Samuel Gawith Snuff Black Coffee (25g)

A nice pipe tobacco base supports a strong coffee scent with this heavier snuff. Tastes of Irish Coffee during use with a medium nicotine level.

Medium/Fine Grind - High Moisture - Dark Colour


Samuel Gawith Celtic Talisman (25g)

A nice tart cherry flavour, combined with notes of vanilla and smoke make this a very pleasent snuff. Easy to use with an excellent amount of moisure and medium nicotine level.

Medium/Coarse Grind - High Moisture - Brown Colour


Samuel Gawith Firedance (25g)

A very popular offering with snuff users. An SP style snuff with notes of Blackberry, Brandy and Vanilla flavours. Very little burn and easy to use. Medium nicotine level.

Fine Grind - High Moisture - Brown Colour


Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown (25g)

One of the original Samuel Gawith Snuff recipes. Rich, plain tobacco taste is complimented with subtle citrus notes. Leathery, peaty and woody notes abound. Heavier burn and drip. Medium nicotine level.

Coarse Grind - High Moisture - Dark Colour


Wilsons of Sharrow Alberta Plain (25g)

A plain SP style snuff with no flavouring added whatsoever, developed for the Alberta market to comply with their strict no-flavouring laws.

Fine Grind - Light Moisture

Wilsons of Sharrow Best SP (25g)

Wilsons of Sharrow most popular snuff with an unchanged recipe for over 250 years. Tobacco flavouring and Bergamont is predominant with subtle aromatics of hay and citrus. Very popular with experienced users. High Nicotine.

Fine Grind - Light Moisture


Wilson's of Sharrow SP100 (25g)

Similar to the Best SP with a variation in the grind, being slightly more silky. Non-mentholated with very strong notes of citrus and a subtle presence of Bergamot. High nicotine level.

Fine Grind - Medium to Dry Moisture

Wilson's of Sharrow Super Menthol (25g)

Strong menthol flavours are combined with delicious citrus notes to balance the blend. Medium Nicotine.

Medium Grind - Medium Moisture


Wilson's of Sharrow SM 500 (25g)

SM stands for Sharrow Medicated, which indicates flavouring of Menthol crystals and Eucalyptus oils. This blend pushes the menthol of Super Menthol to a more instense level well the citrus notes are less present. High nicotine.

Fine Grind - Medium Moisture