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Iqos 3 Duo Heat not Burn Device

by Iqos
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  • Contact to Order
  • Available in 4 colours
  • Tobacco Heat not Burn Product
  • Use with Heets sticks (sold separately)
  • Includes Cleaning Sticks
  • Includes Charger and A/C Power Adaptor

The Iqos heat-not-burn device is designed to be used with Heets sticks. A Heet stick is heated by the Iqos device to a pre-combustion temperature, which releases flavours and nicotine, while reducing the amount of tar and eliminating the production of smoke or smells.  Each Heet stick is the equivalent of a cigarette in smoking time.

The Iqos Duo features two parts. The larger device, the pocket charger, is a portable battery which carries and charges the smaller device on the go. The smaller device, the Heets holder, is your heat-not-burn vaporizer, this is what you use to heat the sticks.  

The holder is capable of heating 2 Heets before returning to the pocket charger for a reblast. The pocket charger can recharge the holder roughly 20 times before depleting.

Each Heet stick delivers 14 puffs or lasts for 6 minutes, whichever one comes first. After 6 minutes the holder will turn off.