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Gizeh Slim 6mm Rolling Filters

by Gizeh
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  • Available in Slim 6mm Size
  • Choose Between Regular, Charcoal or Pure Cellulose material
  • Paper Wrapped Exterior
  • 120 Filters per Bag (Regular +30 Bonus)
  • 'Lick & Stick' Strip (Regular Only)
  • Regular & Charcoal Dimensions
    15mm Length x 6mm Diameter
  • Biodegradable Dimensions
    19mm Length x 6mm Diameter

Gizeh is a Germany based manufacturer producing quality papers and filters.  They offer three material options to choose from. 

Regular (Red) is made from Cellulose Acetate, the most common cigarette filter material. The Regular variety also features a 'Lick & Stick' adhesive strip on the filter, that sticks it to your paper for ease of rolling. 

Charcoal (Blue) includes Charcoal beads sandwiched between two pieces of Cellulose Acetate. Charcoal is an active filtration system that pulls more tar and other substances from the smoke.  We also sell an 8mm Gizeh Charcoal filter listed separately.  

Pure (Brown) is made entirely of cellulose derived from plants instead of the plastic based cellulose acetate.  This means they are biodegradable, unlike most cigarette filters.  The Pure is also a slightly longer filter.