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Honeyrose Herbal Smoking Blends

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  • Choose from 5 Blends: Earth Impact, Farmers, Legacy Chocolate, Legacy Menthol, Mixed Herbs or Special
  • No Tobacco
  • No Nicotine
  • Mild Smoking
  • 100% Natural
  • 50 gram package

Honeyrose herbal smoking blends are designed as an alternative to tobacco but can also be mixed with it to wonderful results.  It can be rolled on its own or smoked in a pipe or vaporizer.  All the blends feature a core group of herbs and ingredients: Marshmallow leaves, Red clover Flowers, Rose Petals, Fruit juices and Honey.  The Legacy Chocolate and Earth Impact blends include the addition of wild lettuce.  Different natural flavourings are added to each blend to enrich the smoking experience.

Earth Impact - Sweet & Exotic Fruit Flavour

This herbal smoking mixture is made with a blend of exotic herbs and an addition of wild lettuce.

Farmers - Honey & Vanilla

Made from Honeyroses' traditional herb blend with the addition of vanilla flavouring and extra honey.  It delivers a pleasant aromatic experience, producing a sweet and woodsy room note.

Legacy - Chocolate

Featuring Honeyroses' trademark herb base, with the addition of wild lettuce.  Enriched with chocolate flavouring it delivers an extremely smooth experience and will fill the room with a wonderfully warm and sweet aroma.

Legacy - Menthol

The newest addition to the Honeyrose line-up, the classic base blend is enhanced with menthol flavouring offering a cool taste and refreshing smell.

Mixed Herbs - Honey & Fruit Juice

The classic base blend is matured for an increased amount of time with the addition of honey and fruit juices creating a rich result.

Special - Unflavoured

The Special blend is Honeyroses' original recipe without any flavour added.  A rich taste with herbal aromatic aroma.