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McChrystal's Nasal Snuff


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  • Choose Between Original & Genuine, Olde English or SP flavours
  • Each Package contains 2 x 8.75g tins
  • Total Weight: 17.5g
  • Powdered Nasal Snuff
  • Blend Descriptions Below

McChrystal's snuff is produced in England. Nasal snuff is a finely ground tobacco that is consumed by gently snorting a small amount via a nostril.  They are quite commonly flavoured with bergamot, menthol and other essential oils. 

The level of grind affects the simplicity of use. Fine grinds can be inhaled too forcefully if not careful, causing the snuff to travel too far up the nasal package, delivering less desirable "taste".  However, a fine grind also equals more absorption of nicotine, thus a stronger experience.

Currently only the 3 types of McChrystal's are available in Canada. Due to plain packaging in Canada, the blend names on the packaging are replaced with a number.

McChrystal's Original & Genuine (No.1)

Moisture: Medium
Grind: Medium/Fine
Description: Ground from the finest tobacco available before being enhanced with a highly secret, mentholated recipe with the addition of Eucalyptus that has remained un-changed for over 80 years. The Medium Grind and Moisture is enjoyable by the less experienced yet gives enough kick for an all-day snuff.

McChrystal's Olde English (English Menthol)(No.2)

Moisture: Low
Grind: Fine
Description: The classic menthol flavour rises to the top without overwhelming in this popular medicated snuff. Very subtle citrus and tobacco scents emerge as the menthol fades. Medium nicotine content.

McChrystal's SP (No.3)

Moisture: Medium/Low
Grind: Medium/Fine
Description: McChrystal's signature tobacco base, which has been enhanced with a discreet Bergamot flavouring for a true classic English SP. The McChrystal's SP is not ideal for the amateur snuff user but makes an ideal entry SP for the moderate user wishing to move away from heavily scented snuffs.