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Blitz 9mm Charcoal Pipe Filters

by Blitz
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  • Standard 9mm size
  • 40 Filters per Pack
  • Activated Filtration
  • Filled with Charcoal
  • Pipe Filter
  • 3.5cm Length x 9mm Diameter
    1.38" Length x 0.035" Diameter

9mm pipe filters have grown in popularity over time, especially in Europe.  Nowadays, we'd estimate about half of all pipes feature a filter, the most popular being the 9mm format, which is about the size of a pencil.  These filters use activated charcoal that filter the most harmful substances out of all the pipe filter options.  The 9mm size has been standardized by the pipe manufacturers so any brand of filter labeled 9mm, will fit the same as the other. 

Please be aware, there are other filter sizes and types.   Most common are 6mm filters (typically rolled paper like Medico) and Brigham Maple Rock filters.  They will not fit a pipe designed for a 9mm filter, and vice versa.  Savinelli's Balsa wood filters are available in a 9mm size and would fit.  These other filters are listed separately.  Please note, many pipes do not accept a filter at all.