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Siberia White (aka Bulldog) Signature Snus


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  • Contact to Order
  • Available in Regular or Slim size Portions
  • Mint Flavour
  • Regular: 20 Portions per Can / 20g Net Weight / 22mg Nicotine per Portion
    Slim: 17 Portions per Can / 13g Net Weight /11mg Nicotine per Portion
  • White Dry Snus
  • 99% Tobacco Free
  • Hybrid Snus: 99% Nic-Salts, 1% Tobacco

Siberia White (formerly Bulldog/BDC) snus is manufactured by GN Tobacco, makers' of White Fox.  It is a hybrid snus, containing a small amount of tobacco (0.05g per tin) with the remainder consisting of nicotine salts, the typical ingredient of nicotine pouches. 

Powerful cooling crisp and intense flavour from real mint oils with 0% Moisture.

Siberia White Original, a natural tobacco and bergamot flavoured snus is also available. It is listed separately.