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Crystal Humidifier Pucks - 50, 100 and 250 Count

by Brigham
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  • Choose Between 50 Count, 100 Count and 250 Count sizes
  • Comes with Magnetic Mounting Kit
  • Formulated to Maintain 70% Humidity
  • Features Polymer beads that absorb 450 times their weight in fluid
  • 50 Count Dimensions
    Diameter 6cm x Depth 1.9cm
    Diameter 2.36" x Depth 0.75"
  • 100 Count Dimensions
    Diameter 8.5cm x Depth 2.3cm
    Diameter 3.34" x Depth 0.91"
  • 250 Count Dimensions
    Width 15.5cm x Depth 2.5cm x Height 6.5cm
    Width 6.11" x Depth 1" x Height 2.56"

Humidifier Crystals are the modern replacement of the traditional absorbent green foam.  Able to absorb far more liquid, they offer a more stable humidity output and require re-filling less frequently.  Each size is named for the number of cigars it is ideally suited to humidify.  For example, the 50 count puck is ideally suited for a 50 count humidor, which holds about 50 cigars.