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S.T. Dupont 30ml Butane


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  • Available in-Store Only
  • Near Zero Impurities Butane
  • 30ml size
  • Special Dupont Threaded Tip
  • Premium Quality

The most important aspect in ensuring good long term lighter performance is using quality butane.  If you've invested in a high quality lighter like an S.T. Dupont, we strongly recommend using the correct corresponding S.T. Dupont butane.  Dupont specially formulates their butane to different standards to work best in their different lighter models.  To identify which colour fuel is right for a Dupont, unscrew the cap of the butane cover on your lighter.  On the inside of the cap you will find a coloured dot that corresponds to a colour of butane that is matched to that lighter.

30ml size is the new format, which offers about 3 fills per can. 

The 90ml Black Butane, for the Minijet and Maxijet is listed separately.

Lighter Model Butane Colour
Ligne 1 Small Yellow
Ligne 2 Yellow
Ligne 2 Small Green
Ligne 2 Torch Black
Ligne D Blue
Long Table Lighter Yellow
Ligne 8 Blue
Mon Dupont Blue
D-Light Blue
Liberte Black
miniJet Black
maxiJet Black
Gatsby Green
Jeroboam Red
Cylindrique Red