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Three Kings Quick Lighting Charcoal

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  • Choose Between 33mm or 40mm Diameter
  • 10 Pieces of Charcoal per Roll
  • 10 Rolls in a Box
  • Box Price Includes a 10% Discount
  • Use Any Flame to Light
  • Quick Start
  • Circular Disk
  • 1 Hour Approximate Burn Time
  • 33mm Dimensions 11mm Tall x 33mm Diameter
  • 40mm Dimensions 14mm Tall x 40mm Diameter

Three Kings charcoal is regarded as one of the best quick light charcoal's available.  Many quick light charcoals have strong unwanted flavours, burn too quick or crumble as they're being used.  Three Kings consistently deliver a long burn with a relatively slow ash and good construction. 

To use, apply any flame to the charcoal and set down on a heat resistant surface.  You will see it lighting as it travels across the coal.  It will spark and produce a small amount of smoke during this process, of around 30 seconds.  When it is finished igniting, blowing on the charcoal will cause it to heat up and glow red. When the majority of the coal is glowing red it is ready for use. 

To accomplish the quick-light feature, sodium chlorate is added to the wood charcoal base.  This additive is not present in natural coconut coals.

Always dispose of your charcoal in water to ensure it is extinguished.  It will continue to burn even if it's not in use until it is spent.