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Zippo Pipe Lighter

by Zippo
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  • Choose Between Matte Black (218PL) or Brushed Silver (200PL)
  • Genuine Made in USA Zippo
  • Pipe Insert with Hole in Chimney for Perpendicular Lighter
  • Refillable with Lighter Fluid
  • Flint Ignition
  • Wind Resistant
  • Includes Gift Box
  • Will Accept Zippo Butane Inserts
  • Lighter is shipped Empty without Fuel
  • Backed by Zippo's Lifetime Warranty
  • 3.9cm Wide x 5.6cm Tall x 1.3cm Deep
    1.54" Wide x 2.2" Tall x 0.51" Deep

The Zippo pipe lighter, alters the design of the lighter's chimney, placing a large hole in the middle and a cap on the top where the flame would usually come out.   This modification allows the lighter to be used on it's side, enabling the flame to be pulled directly into the pipe bowl.  This prevents scorch marks on the wood, as well as burning of the fingers. 

Zippo is likely the most famous refillable lighter brand in the world.  It has been iconic since 1932.  With a simple design, replaceable parts and quality construction, they can easily last a lifetime with normal use.  And in the case of unfortunate accidents or abuse, they will repair or replace your lighter if it's no longer working.  For good reason, the design hasn't changed much in close to a century.  Still made in the USA. 

Zippo lighters are best for those that use their lighter regularly.  The lighter fluid will evaporate over time.  So if you only use a lighter once a month, you'll be adding fuel each time.  With regular use, the flint will need to be replaced regularly, while the wick will need to replaced less often.  To extend the life of your Zippo wick, you can use a pair of needle nose pliers to pull up a couple centimeters of fresh wick, snipping off the old wick level with the top of the chimney.  You can do this a few times before you need to replace it. 

If you stop using your Zippo for a long period of time, we recommend removing the flint so it doesn't fuse with the channel.  When fused, it takes some effort to dislodge it.