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We're still putting the final touches on our new Website. Not all products we carry in store are listed online at this time. Please let us know about any issues or questions you may have about product availability. For mail orders involving tobacco items please contact us. Thank you for understanding.
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Nasal Snuff

Snuff is a powdered form of tobacco that is taken by sniffing it up the nose. It is a very traditional and one the earliest ways Europeans first began enjoying tobacco. They can be a very fine powder or slightly chunkier and also either very dry or slightly moist. The tobacco leaves are ground from their original state and flavoured in various ways, quite often with different menthol varieties.

Goodfellas offers a small collection of traditional nasal snuff.  

At this time, please call or email to inquire about mail order tobacco.  We are happy to ship!

Please bear in mind that the list below does not guarantee they are in stock as selection differs between our two locations and items can become temporarily unavailable.  Please confirm availability with us to avoid disappointment.

Brand Blend Size Moisture Grind Description
McChrystal's Original & Genuine No.1 17.5g Medium Med/Fine Ground from the finest tobacco available before being enhanced with a highly secret, mentholated recipe with the addition of Eucalyptus that has remained un-changed for over 80 years. The Medium Grind and Moisture is enjoyable by the less experienced yet gives enough kick for an all-day snuff.
McChrystal's Olde English (English Menthol) No.2 17.5g Low Fine The classic menthol flavour rises to the top without overwhelming in this popular medicated snuff. Very subtle citrus and tobacco scents emerge as the menthol fades. Medium nicotine content.
McChrystal's SP No.3 17.5g Medium/Low Med/Fine McChrystals signature tobacco base, which has been enhanced with a discreet Bergamot flavouring for a true classic English SP. The McChrystals SP is not ideal for the amateur snuff user but makes an ideal entry SP for the moderate user wishing to move away from heavily scented snuffs.