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Pipe Tobacco

Goodfellas offers an extensive collection of both bulk and tinned pipe tobaccos.  Below you will find our House Bulk tobaccos listed first followed by our tinned and packaged selection. If you don't see something you are searching for, please let us know and we are happy to try to source it for you. 

At this time, please call or email to inquire about mail order tobacco.  We are happy to ship!

Please bear in mind that the list below does not guarantee items are in stock as selection differs between our two locations and tobaccos can become temporarily unavailable.  Please confirm availability with us to avoid disappointment. 

Goodfellas House Bulk Tobaccos

Brand Blend Size Type Description
Goodfellas Black & Tan 25g; 50g; 100g; 400g; Aromatic This tobacco was based on a popular Danish formula which utilized Virginias & Green River Black Cavendish to spectacular effect. The room note produced by this blend is redolent with the scent of hickory & vanilla; pleasing to those in company. This mild & mellow mixture has been a favoured smoke for generations of pipe enthusiasts.
Goodfellas Chambord 25g; 50g; 100g; 400g; Aromatic This is an elegant aromatic with the fragrance & flavor of the liquor which shares its name: raspberry and other sweet fruit notes. This blend is soft, light bodied & subtly flavored. It is a mixture of Virginia & Black Cavendish tobaccos & remains delicious to the last puff.
Goodfellas Cherry Bomb 25g; 50g; 100g; 400g; Aromatic Cherry Bomb is a mild & sweet balanced blend of Lemon Virginias & Black Cavendish. This tobacco will fill the smoker's surroundings with the delicious aroma of cherries.
Goodfellas Columbian Mocha 25g; 50g; 100g; 400g; Aromatic A smooth, medium mixture of Black Cavendish & Virginia tobaccos enhanced by the rich fragrance of dark chocolate & mellow coffee beans. A wonderful combination.
Goodfellas Midnight Run 25g; 50g; 100g; 400g; Aromatic A sweet & mild cool-burning straight Black Cavendish. Burns remarkably cool & soft for an aromatic tobacco; it leaves behind a very distinct dry grey ash.
Goodfellas Old Fashioned 25g; 50g; 100g; 400g; Aromatic A classic Danish Cavendish blend made from the finest Virginia & mild Burley tobaccos from Africa, the Orient & U.S. regions. The smooth aroma & flavour of Scotch whiskey brings you an almost unforgettable smoking pleasure.
Goodfellas Peaches n' Cream 25g; 50g; 100g; 400g; Aromatic An aromatic blend of Black & Tan Cavendish that is noticeably cased with peaches & coconut cream. It is a mild & sweet mixture with a very pleasing room note.
Goodfellas Rum Runner 25g; 50g; 100g; 400g; Aromatic An air-cured aromatic blend of Virginia & Cavendish that is flavoured with a buttered rum. Smokes mild & sweet with hints of vanilla & a great room note with a wide appeal.
Goodfellas Saturday Night 25g; 50g; 100g; 400g; Aromatic Saturday Night tastes & smells of chocolate, coconut & vanilla. An excellent smooth tobacco for the smoker who prefers classic American aromatic Cavendish blends.
Goodfellas Sunday Morning 25g; 50g; 100g; 400g; Aromatic Consisting of Virginia and Black Cavendish, Sunday Morning offers a fuller taste profile while not shedding its aromatic nature. Strong notes of dark chocolate underpin this blend with a nice touch of Vanilla and subtle fermented fruit notes to round out the complexity. A small dose of Latakia adds a delightful smokiness.
Goodfellas Tubman 25g; 50g; 100g; 400g; Aromatic A traditional all-Burley mild blend. Tubman smokes soft & bite-free & is a great choice for the smoker who favours classic American Burley blends such as Prince Albert or Carter Hall.
Goodfellas Wise Guy 25g; 50g; 100g; 400g; Aromatic Our best-selling aromatic blend. This tobacco is mild & mellow in both flavour & aroma; it burns to a dry ash & does not tend to 'ghost' a pipe with its flavour as some aromatic tobaccos are known to do. It is Virginia, Burley & Black Cavendish with secret flavourings suggesting Rum, Vanilla and Raisins.
Goodfellas The Balkan 25g; 50g; 100g; 400g; English/Oriental This tobacco is a perfect example of the classic Balkan-style blend. It is richly spiced with Oriental tobaccos & produces a spicy & exotic fragrance when smoked. This blend is seasoned with just the right amount of Latakia to ensure a soft burn & mellow flavour.
Goodfellas D965 25g; 50g; 100g; 400g; English/Oriental This blend is based on the Dunhill classic My Mixture 965. The mixture is composed of Latakia, Virginia, Macedonian & naturally sweet Cavendish tobaccos. Goodfellas D-965 provides a strong, smooth, & mellow smoke which can be enjoyed throughout the day. A very similar reproduction.
Goodfellas Made Man 25g; 50g; 100g; 400g; English/Oriental This is a good medium-bodied English mixture. It is rich with Latakia, Oriental leaf & stoved Virginia; an extremely satisfying & balanced blend. Similar to Peterson's Old Dublin with rich savoury and smoky flavour.
Goodfellas Luxury Flake 25g; 50g; 100g; 400g; Virginia This is a classic Virginia flake tobacco. This un-rubbed pressed flake produces a sweet, slow-burning smoke with a complex flavour of grass, citrus and vanilla & a subtle & fragrant room-note.
Goodfellas Golden Virginia 25g; 50g; 100g; 400g; Virginia This is a classic flue-cured Virginia tobacco in a fully rubbed-out form. It is ideal for rolling, blending with other tobaccos, or as a mild sweet smoke with a natural Vanilla aroma in its own right.
Goodfellas Sweet Sunny Virginia 25g; 50g; 100g; 400g; Virginia A smooth, light to medium-bodied semi-fine cut Virginia mixture. The orange and yellow Virginia grades which make up the bulk of this mixture are mellow, smooth, and produce a wonderful room note. Notes of subtle sweetness and dried fruit aroma make for a pleasant experience while packing a pipe or rolling your own.
Goodfellas Latakia 25g; 50g; 100g; 400g; Blending Component Use our classic Cyprian Latakia to add a spicy, smoky & peppery rich flavour & incense-like aroma to your favourite blends. Not typically smoked straight.
Goodfellas Perique 25g; 50g; 100g; 400g; Blending Component A tobacco with a tradition as storied as that of Louisiana, it’s place of origin. Produced exclusively in St. James Parish, Perique is a powerful tasting tobacco used almost exclusively as a blending agent. Fermented in barrels based off an Aboriginal process, it has a distinct fruity, peppery and musty aroma that can transform a blend, even in small doses.

Goodfellas Tin & Pouch Tobacco Selection

Brand Blend Size Type Description
Amphora Original 50g Aromatic A well-rounded blend, emphasizing the chocolate flavor of burley tobacco. Centuries of tobacco craftsmanship go into Amphora Original blend to bring out the rich chocolately undertones of the finest burley tobaccos, balanced with Orientals, Kentucky, and Virginia leaf. The result is a smooth textured and easy burning blend of rare distinction.
Amphora Absolute 50g Aromatic A legendary blend, now produced by MacBaren, it consists of Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobaccos. Heavily aromatic, it has a flavour profile with fruity cherry notes in the forefront that is rounded out with tastes of chocolate, citrus and raspberry. A subtle floral note rounds out the medium strength mixture. Known as Amphora Full Aroma outside of Canada.
Amphora Rich 50g Aromatic An interesting aromatic in that it has a small amount of Oriental tobaccos added to the toasted Burley and Virginia tobaccos that comprise the blend. The aromatic flavouring isn’t overpowering but enjoyable, with a hint of hazelnut added to enhance and balance the blend. A medium flavour and mild in nicotine round out a tobacco that is rich and smooth.
Amphora Kentucky 50g Virginia A large quantity of dark-fired Kentucky tobacco is mixed with red and bright Virginia tobaccos for a rich flavoured smoke, that is not overwhleming. Enjoy smoked hickory notes balanced with a touch of tang and sweetness from the Virginia, just like a great bbq sauce. The nicotine strength is medium to full bodied with a solid medium body flavour.
Amphora S.R. Dark Cavendish 50g English The tobacco features high grade, double fermented Black Cavendish blended with Burley, Oriental and Kentucky tobaccos. A hefty dose of Black Cavendish leads the blend while the other tobaccos play supporting roles. Despite all the Canvendish tobacco, it is not overly sweet, just a good amount with great nutty, grassy and woody notes to round out the profile. A gentle amount of licorice topping is added that glues together the smoking experience. (Known as Special Reserve Black Cavendish outside of Canada.)
Cornell & Diehl Automn Evening 50g Aromatic Red Virginia Cavendish is lightly cased with a delicate maple flavour for one unique and widely popular aromatic blend. The smoker will appreciate the taste of fine Virginias while those around will flock to the warm, inviting fragrance.
Cornell & Diehl Pirate Kake 50g Oriental A smooth, robust blend with lots (75%) of exceptional Latakia accompanied by Turkish and Burley. A latakia lover's treasure.
Cornell & Diehl Oak Alley 50g English After establishing an impeccable partnership between sweet Red Virginias and white & brown Burleys, discreet amounts of Perique and Katirini Turkish tobaccos are added to enhance both flavour and deliver an exceptionally cool smoking experience.
Cornell & Diehl Haunted Bookshop 50g One of the Bob Runowski's later blends, named in honour of the famous novel written by Christopher Morley. It features a blend of burley and Virginia with just a touch of Perique added to send shivers down your spine.
Erinmore Mixture 50g Aromatic The characteristics of three different blends can be discerned in the final blend. The first contains orange and mahogany-coloured flue-cured tobaccos which are mixed with light aromatic Burley leaves. This first blend is probably treated separately from the later blends to enhance the natural sweetness of the tobaccos. The second blend is probably a mixture of dark brown tobaccos, which are cooked in steam-heated presses, turning the tobacco black. The final blend contains bright lemon leaves to smooth and lighten the overall character of the product.
Legend Series (Mr.B's) Acadian Blend 50g Virginia/Perique Grassy and earthy Virginias add a tart and tangy fruitiness, while the woody perique adds a spicy fig/plum compliment. This mild shag cut offers an almost medium level nicotine while being consistent smooth and well balanced.
Legend Series (Mr.B's) Aurora Borealis 50g English A very dark English mixture, with a hearty helping of Latakia that is combined with matured Virginia and shag cut black stoved Virginia that combines to create a rich and deep natural tobacco flavour. The Latakia leads the profile with smokey notes, leather and a very subtle sweet aspect.
Legend Series (Mr.B's) Klondike Flake 50g Virginia Golden, light and medium brown Virginia tobacco have been pressed into beautiful flakes. A fragrant pure tobacco flavour with a light, natural sweetness. Straddling mild and medium nicotine strength, unaltered tobacco flavour is unleashed delivering classic Virginia notes of tangy citrus, fermented fruit, grass and wood.
Legend Series (Mr.B's) Maritime Morning 50g English Top quality Oriental tobaccos are balanced with mild Bright and Red Virginias to produce a milder but flavourful English smoke. Enjoy tangy, grassy and mildly sweet notes from the Virginia that is underpinned by the light smoke of Latakia. A very approachable Latakia blend.
Mac Baren HH Bold Kentucky 50g Kentucky According to Mac Baren, this is the strongest tobacco they produce. We don't recommend it for inexperienced pipe smokers. Dark fired Kentucky tobacco makes up the bulk of the blend, with a small amount of bright Virginia's added to round out the blend. Genourous flavours of wood, smoky-ness, earth and spice are there to be enjoyed. Strong in nicotine and body.
Mac Baren Golden Extra 50g Burley/Virginia A nice full flavoured Burley centric blend combined with Virginia tobacco from Brazil that delivers a cool, dry smoke with a subtle naturally sweet flavour with cocoa notes.
Mac Baren Navy Flake 50g Fine Burley, Virginia and Cavendish are pressed into flakes and stored for a period to harmonize the flavours and tobacco. The tobaccos are flavoured with rum, floral essences and citrus and those shine through in the blend, delivery consistent notes of sweetness, spice and floral elements with a subtle rum note underpinning everything. Medium in both flavour and nicotine, it has a pleasent room note.
Mac Baren Scottish Mixture 50g Aromatic A mild smoking tobacco that is only slightly aromatic, with a small amount of flavouring added. The blend consists of matured and ripe Virginias, brown Burley and Cavendish. Described quite often as perfectly balanced, it is one of the world's most popular blends. None of the elements dominate the blend, freshness from the Virgnia's interplay with nuttyness, cocoa and wood from the Burley and gentle amounts of honey sweetness from the Cavendish. The flavours dance in and out, never fighting each other. Medium in flavour and mild to medium in strength.
Mac Baren Plumcake 50g English Bright Virginia tobaccos mixed with burley, a little original Mac Baren cevendish and just a touch of latakia. On top of this masterly made blend, Jamaican Rum has been added to fulfill the impression. This blend is full bodied and rich with the nuances to the natural sweetness of the tobacco, a subtle smokiness from the Latakia and the distinctive aroma of sailor rum.
Sail (formerly Capt Black) Regular 50g Aromatic A popular blend the world over, this Captain Black Regular or White (renamed to Sail in Canada under plain packaging), features Virginia, Burley and Black Cevendish tobaccos. It is flavoured with Vanilla and a sweet something, that isn't disclosed. The blend is light in flavour and nicotine, offering a predominantly smooth and easy smoking experience that delivers expected Vanilla and . With a room note that is unmatched, it is a known crowd pleaser to those around you.
Sail (formerly Capt Black) Deluxe 50g Aromatic The Captain Black Gold Blend (renamed to Sail Deluxe in Canada under plain packaging) is a pure golden Cavendish blend with a palpable but light Vanilla flavour. Notes of honey and a touch of fruit compliment the vanilla. It is a very smooth smoking, light in flavour and nicotine blend that is great when looking for a tobacco that doesn't challenge the smoker. Simply light, puff and enjoy the comfort and a wonderful room note.
Samuel Gawith Out of Stock! - Balkan Flake 50g Oriental A beautifully formed dark flake of pressed Virginias and a generous helping of Latakia. Relax and enjoy this medium strength tobacco with its "smoky" flavour and cool smoking, smooth characteristics. The heavy dose of Latakia is tapered with a sweetness in the background. A truly divine flavour: rich, creamy, spicy and just a touch sweet.
Samuel Gawith Out of Stock! - Best Brown Flake 50g Virginia Medium strength, gentle and slow burning tobacco. Manufactured using hand-stripped flue cured Virginias with no flavours added, Best Brown will reward with a cool, sweet smoke with a delectable aroma and good sidestream. Pure unadulterated tobacco flavour, that remains consistent and satisfying.
Samuel Gawith Out of Stock! - CH Flake 50g Aromatic/Oriental A unique take on a Virginia flake blend, the CH Flake features Virginia, Burley and Latakia tobaccos harmonized together with a measured topping of dark chocolate flavouring. The Virginia and Burley carry the blend, offering lots of caramel, tangy and nutty notes. The Latakia and Chocolate flavour are both used as enhancers, popping in and out of the profile, adding great dimension while never dominating the tobacco base.
Samuel Gawith Out of Stock! - Full Virginia Flake 50g Virginia A pure pressed Virginia. Created in the heart of Lakeland, the hot-pressed blended Virginias take on a delicious and distinctive dark colour that creates a pipe smokers dream. Delivers a pure, slightly sweet earthy Virginia taste with a touch of pepper and spice. Considered one of the all time great tobaccos and is a "must have" for all Virginia lovers.
Samuel Gawith Out of Stock! - Grousemoor 50g Aromatic This 200 year old blend is comprised of hand-stripped flue-cured Zimbabwe leaf, steamed to a Golden color then stoved into a unique mélange of flavors. Initially it may come off as foreign and hard to digest but given time, this tobacco grows and then becomes loved by many a pipe smoker, with its distinct 'lemon-grass' aroma and flavour. It strikes a delicate balance of floral, fruity and herbal in each puff. An aromatic like no other.
Samuel Gawith Out of Stock! - Squadron Leader 50g English Bright and Dark Virginias blended together with Latakia and Turkish leaf to make this a cool medium bodied smoke. Excellent delicate English blend: smokiness but dominated by Latakia; mild Virginia sweetness but not sugary; good amounts of Oriental spice without acridness; a subtle floral aspect but not perfumy in any way. A refined taste for those with the patience to discover the ebbs and flows and nuances of an expertly blended English variety.
Samuel Gawith Out of Stock! - St.James Flake 50g Virginia/Perique Genuine Perique is added to an already delicious and flavoursome blend of fine bright Virginias to give St. James the light peppery characteristic enjoyed by so many pipe smokers. Medium strength.
Solani Aged Burley Flake 50g Burley This is a traditional tobacco derived from a recipe more than 100 years old. It provides a rich, smooth taste to the smoker; slow and cool burning, this also delivers quite the kick. It is a great tobacco to smoke outside on a cold, snowy day.
Solani English Luxury Mixture - Blend 779 50g English A sophisticated English blend with an extraordinary mixture of red, ripe Virginia, fine oriental tobaccos and Syrian Latakia. This very mild blend will appeal to both Latakia lover and those who prefer a real, natural taste. Crimp cut.
Solani Green Label - Blend 127 50g Aromatic Broad, bright and very ripe red Virginias and double fermented Black Cavendish produce a wonderful natural sweetness, while a touch of apple flavour gives this blend a fresh character. Wild cut.
Solani Red Label - Blend 131 50g Aromatic A mild blend of superior Black Cavendish, Burley and old belt Virginias cased with the finest Scotch Whiskey. A pleasant all day smoke with a wonderfully sweet aroma.
Solani Sweet Mystery X - Blend 113 50g Aromatic A pure Virginia blend with double fermented Black Cavendish a pinch of black current. This tobacco with Bacardi and coco cream added to achieve a sweet taste and wonderful room aroma. Mix of wild cut, cube and broken flake.
Solani Virginia Flake - Blend 663 50g Virginia/Perique A classic flake with selected bright Virginias sweetened with Louisiana Perique. This cool, slow burning blend has a natural sweetness and a wonderful room aroma. Flake cut.
Solani White & Black - Blend 663 50g English A Black English flake comprised of dark Virginia, Black Cavendish and Latakia. Ready rubbed.
Vincenzo Ag (Silver) 50g Aromatic A blend of Cavendish, Virginia, and Burley tobaccos cut in various widths to ensure an even burn. Medium-strength and scented with vanilla and almonds to provide a sweet taste and glorious room note.
Vincenzo Bk (Black) 50g Aromatic Smooth black Cavendish blended with orange and bright Virginias. Flavours of vanilla and coffee provide a smooth and sweet smoke.
Vincenzo Connoisseur's Choice 50g Aromatic A copy of Peterson's Connoisseur's Choice, it is made by the same blenders and thus mimicks it's profile with great accuracy. The blend consists of Black Cevendish mixed with red and Golden Virginia tobaccos. It is flavoured with a assortment of delectable items: fruit, citrus, maple, rum and vanilla. The Vanilla comes through in the flavour throughout a bowl, with the fruity notes interplaying nicely, and delivering a strong, pleasent aroma. A tasty dessert tobacco.
Vincenzo Killarney (Indigo) 50g Aromatic This straight Virginia blend offers natural sweetness. It is made from a recipe dated from 1880 which was one of the finest blends smoked at the time and is still loved to this day.
Vincenzo Sherlock Holmes (Magenta) 50g Aromatic This Virginia & Burley blend offers natural sweetness combined with a light topping of citrus and fruit. It is made from a recipe dated from 1880 which was one of the finest blends smoked at the time and is still loved to this day.
Vincenzo Sunset Breeze (Red) 50g Aromatic Virginia tobacco and black Cavendish blend. The flavour of berries permeates this blend and provides a fantastic room aroma.
Vincenzo University Flake (Ocean Blue) 50g Virginia/Aromatic Ocean Blue is based on Virginia varieties and sun-drenched Indian leaves, which are slowly pressed into tobacco cakes for several days and then cut into flake slices. This medium spicy tobacco is complimented with a light plum topping and has a slow and even burn.