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Dunhill Alexander Graham Bell Commemorative Chestnut Pipe

by Dunhill
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  • Briar Wood Pipe
  • Pipe #25 of 25 Chestnut
  • Dunhill Pipe Code: n/a
  • Group 4 Stand-Up Quaint Shape
  • Chestnut Briar Finish
  • Brindled Saddle Bit Vulcanite Stem
  • Silver Band with Graham Bell name and Lifespan engraved
  • Includes Solid Sterling Silver Tamper
  • Series is Strictly Limited to 100 Pipes Worldwide
  • No Filter
  • Briar Dimensions
    Bowl Height: 45mm | 1.77"
    Outer Bowl Width (widest point): 37mm | 1.46"
    Chamber Diameter: 20mm | 0.79"
    Chamber Depth: 38mm | 1.50"
  • Pipe Length: 14.2cm | 5.59"

Buy this exact Pipe!  For unique and top end pipes, Goodfellas provides pictures of the specific pipe for sale.  The grain, shape and detailing will be the same as the photos shown here.

Dunhill is arguably the most highly regarded pipe house in the world.  All components of the pipe are still hand made in London and tailored to the individual pipe as they make them.  They are credited with multiple innovations that changed pipe production forever, most notably the sandblast finish which has been widely adopted. 

In 2022 to commemorate the legacy of Alexander Graham Bell they have crafted an exquisite shape, with the bowl meant to be reminiscent of an early telephone ear piece, one of Bell's most world changing inventions.

The perfectly balanced pipe will stand on it's own without effort.

The tamper captures in fine detail an early telephone.

As this pipe is not one of Dunhill's regular production shapes, it does not feature a traditional 4 digit code. The base is stamped with a 4 in a circle, indicating it's group 4 size.

The collectable set is completed with a leather bound book case and a certificate of authenticity.