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Siberia -80°C Extremely Strong Snus

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  • Contact to Order
  • Choose Between Regular or Slim size portions
  • Mint Flavour
  • White Dry Snus
  • Tobacco Snus
  • Regular Portions: ~16 Portions per can                           
                                 43mg Nicotine per Gram
                                 34.83mg Nicotine per Portion
  • Slim Portions: ~21 Portions per can
                           36mg Nicotine per Gram
                           26.66mg Nicotine per Portion

One of strongest snus available, sporting a nice tobacco flavour with strong amounts of spearmint. There are 2 portion sizes to choose from. Available in a larger, regular size pouch or try the slim pouch format for a more discrete mouth feel and lightly scaled down dosage. This is the strong stuff. Those who love it, absolutely love it. The white pouch slows down the release for a longer experience. Powerful and cooling flavour made from real mint oils with 0% moisture.